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Mail from Nepal March 2016

Mail from Nepal March 2016

Last week we came home from another trip to Nepal. This trip was one of the most impressive I have ever undertaken. Besides the visits to the manufactory, I traveled with my mother Christine, Managing Director Aktivferien AG, to Dimil in Solokhumbu. There supports Active vacations already for some time a Sherpa elementary school. The school was after severely damaged by the devastating earthquake in April and May 2015 and on Lessons were out of the question. Aktivferien AG was pleased to welcome many guests. donations so that a completely new school can be built. But more about that later.

First we spent a few days in Kathmandu and visited the manufactory and discussed the new designs with Ramesh. We were able to extend our scarf range by complement some highlights, such as the new cashmere winter, Cashmere Cloud or Cashmere Natural… They are among the most exclusive and highest quality scarves ever!

Also have we created the designs for the new exclusive baby poncho and the adult poncho discussed. The sample copies have just arrived. After two three small changes we have now given the orders. The ponchos are soon arrive in Switzerland. Very gladly we present you the ponchos in person if required.

After the beautiful spring-like days in Kathmandu we started the next day to Dimil. The village of Dimil is located in the valley of Tapting in the district of Solokhumbu near Everest. Area. To get to this region you have to drive over 12 hours of mountain passes on take themselves. Winding roads up and down and up again…. And then three days’ walk up into the deserted valley. So far secluded in an area I have probably never been in my life. We were allowed to spend the night with friends of our managing director. On the third day we reached around Noon the school. A huge reception was prepared for us. From each even the smallest child, who stood in line for us, we were given a Welcome Neckerchief hung around. After that we were led to a stage and the show began. We thought we had already gotten through the most emotional part, but then all 300 children stood up and sang the Nepal national anthem. For this they waved the Swiss flag! After that, for about 2 hours Dances were performed and the groundbreaking ceremony for the new school was held. A large Feast for the whole village! Finally, I was allowed to show the children the color pencils and coloring books, which were donated by Carina Cashmere. were. The joy among the children was tremendous!

Unfortunately, each beautiful journey comes to an end at some point, and we are already back home. However, we are full of anticipation to return to the beautiful Himalayan country soon. travel.

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