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How much is a 100% cashmere pashmina

How much is a 100% cashmere pashmina

The price of a 100% cashmere scarf is mainly defined by these 4 points:

  1. Quality of cashmere used,
  2. Amount of cashmere wool used,
  3. Cashmere processing
  4. Color

1. quality of cashmere

The quality of cashmere is determined by the length and diameter of each cashmere hair. For the first quality is used exclusively hair from the fine beard of cashmere goat. The long thin hairs create a very light thread that insulates better due to many air pockets. Read more about the 3 quality levels of cashmere here.

The cashmere scarves“Pashmina”, Luxe and Royal Uni are all exactly the same size and were dyed in the same way with Swiss textile dye. The biggest difference is the quality of cashmere used.


3. quality


2. quality

Royal Uni

1. quality

2. amount of process cashmere wool

Just like the significant differences in quality, the amount of cashmere used also determines the value of a cashmere scarf. The smaller Royal Foulard (100 x 100cm) was processed exactly the same as the Royal Uni (70 x 200cm). The only difference is the format and, accordingly, the amount of processed cashmere.

The Royal Winter, on the other hand, is exactly the same size as the Royal Uni (70 x 200cm), but has been processed differently. For Royal Winter one thread was twisted 4 times. Thus, for the Royal Winter was processed much more 1st quality cashmere wool which makes it much thicker, warmer and cuddlier.

As a comparison, one cashmere goat produces just enough 1st quality cashmere wool per year for a Royal Uni scarf.

3. processing

The Royal Jacquard is the same size as the Royal Natrual. Both are also made of the best quality cashmere (hence the name Royal) and are both made of natural colors . But the Royal Jacquard was woven in an ancient, very elaborate technique to an elaborate pattern.

4. color of cashmere scarf

Finally, the color of a cashmere scarf also has an impact on the price of the scarf.

The Royal Natural and the Royal are the same size (70 x 200cm) and are made of the best quality cashmere (hence the name Royal). However, the Royal Natural consists of natural colors. The natural hairs must first be carefully sorted out according to color before they can be spun into thread. The Royal Uni, on the other hand, was dyed with Swiss textile dyes, which is of course a much simpler step.

By the way, do you know which color suits you? Here you can find an overview of all colors of our cashmere scarf.

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