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Frequently asked questions:

What is cashmere?

What is the Difference from cashmere to pashmina?

Pashmina means on Persian as well as to various Asian and Arabic languages quite simply Scarf. So if you are offered a scarf with 100% pashmina at a bazaar they got a 100% scarf in which but no particular fiber be must. Often you can see the designation 50% silk and 50% pashmina. Mostly this is a mixture of cheapest China silk and acrylic fibers.

As real cashmere may be called only the undercoat of the cashmere goat.

But even there great caution is advised. Since cashmere is very expensive and very rare are often used favorable fibers or sheep’s wool admixed. All our scarves are regularly tested by a test laboratory in Zurich. Our noblest fibers are among the most precious in the world. But we also use the back and the Abdominal areas. You can find more information directly at the scarf in each case.

How do I care for my cashmere scarf?

Do not be afraid cashmere is relatively easy to maintain. If it is not dirty, dry him best in the fresh air or hang it in the bathroom. Through the Vapors which arise during showering, it smells wonderfully fresh again. Treat She her scarf after each wear 24h rest. This allows the fibers to recover recover It is best to wash it in the machine at 20 degrees wool gentle cycle. Of course, you can also wash it by hand, but then please set noted that the water is not warmer than 20 degrees. Please use Wool detergent and no fabric softener. Dry your scarf lying down and steam it intensively afterwards. VIDEO

Why does my cashmere scarf / poncho fuzz?

Cashmere is a Natural fiber. In some cases, the fibers are somewhat shorter and thus emerge from the fabric off. High quality cashmere, with us from the Luxe category does not fluff. At Ponchos and sweaters, however, even with the highest-quality qualities is a Lint unavoidable because there is friction due to wear. Wash your favorite part regularly and defuzz it if necessary with a special De-linting. Video

Why is Carina Cashmere in contrast to other providers so favorably?

Carina Cashmere is Dealer and importer at the same time. We buy the scarves directly in Nepal from a small manufactory. So we can pay the horrendous Marche which in each case the wholesalers require circumvent. You can find cashmere in all kinds of qualities, from the rather simple which are similar to sheep’s wool, to the very precious which are finer than any silk.

How is it produced?

Photos as well as information about our manufactory in Nepal can be found under these links:

Can I return a scarf if it gives me not like?

If the color or the quality does not meet your expectations you may of course return immediately upon receipt. Please pay attention, that the scarf is properly packed again and no damage on the way back arise. If you would like a choice of color, please contact us in advance. To contact. Please announce returns by mail.

Can the cashmere scarves dye?

Partially can be used with the first washings, we ask you to wash the scarf only with the same Wash colors.

Itch Cashmere scarves?

Cashmere is not a scaly wool such as that of the sheep or alpaca. For this reason, the fiber itself can not actually itch. However, the cheaper scarves use very short fibers, which can then escape from the fabric (this is called pilling, looks like small balls) these can cause itching. Pashmina shawls made of 1st quality cashmere usually do not itch even very sensitive shawl wearers(1st quality shawls).

Like will the items be shipped?

The articles are sent with B Post in Switzerland shipped. If you need a scarf urgently, we ask you and this in advance by phone or email.

From 50 CHF Carina Cashmere ships free of charge.

Here you can read our shipping options and conditions.

Where can I look at the cashmere scarves?

Please make an appointment with us. We will be happy to advise you at one of our markets. Partly there is also the possibility that you can visit the warehouse directly.

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Become the employees fairly compensated?

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