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Donation of books for the school in Dimil

Donation of books for the school in Dimil

Every year for the past five years, Carina Cashmere has donated schoolbooks to a small village in Nepal. Dimil is located in the Solokhumbu district in one of the most remote valleys of the Everest region. Aktivferien AG (the parent company of Carina Bruun) has been running an elementary school there for years. Through this we have very close contacts and I was allowed to travel to Dimil once myself.

This visit was one of the most memorable experiences I have ever had. After several arduous hours in the car, three days of walking followed until we finally arrived in the village. At that time, we were allowed to break ground for the new school. I have never experienced such gratitude. We spent the night with Ngimi, she is a young teacher at the school. At dinner, she told us that although it was nice that all the children in the village were now allowed to attend school, they were denied further education such as university courses or the teacher training college. This is because they do not have access to the official textbooks of Nepal. We promised the same evening that from now on we would like to finance these school books for all 80 children from Dimil.

1 “Friend of Dimil” pin for 1 textbook

Together we have created the “Friend of Dimil”. This felt pin which is produced in our manufactory costs 5 Swiss francs and with that 1 book can be financed. Already in the first year we could sell many of these pins at the Christmas market. We at Carina Cashmere will then top up the amount a little so that there are still some books for the library we have started. However, the year 2020 was very difficult. Since there were no Christmas markets, we could not make any new friends for Dimil. The children’s joy was all the greater when we announced that we would be donating books again this year.

Would you like to support the school? You can also become a “Friend of Dimil” on our homepage!

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