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The new felt delivery from Nepal is here!

The new felt delivery from Nepal is here!

Finally our order from Nepal has arrived. After the long lockdown in Kathmandu, production was at a standstill for a long time. Most recently, it has been difficult to get a seat on the few cargo planes. All the more we are now happy that life has returned to Kathmandu and that the delivery has reached us. For us, this is almost always like Christmas and a birthday together. What has Madhav, our felt producer from Nepal packed for us this time?!

Although we always order everything based on pictures. But since the products are all handmade, it depends of course very much on who finally makes the individual felt items. The felt is processed in several steps. The workers change their positions every few hours so that they have enough variety. This results in very different, but always fun creations.

Last year, the finger puppet Tiger was a rather unsuccessful hunter, as thin as he was. This year he seems extremely well-fed…!

It is always quite amusing with the Christmas articles. In Nepal they don’t celebrate Christmas like we do, which is why the Nepali people have less of an idea of what Christmas is. For us Swiss it is clear that next to a manger rather a fir tree and a donkey belongs to it. However, when Google research is done in Nepal on what Christmas should look like, it tends to be palm trees and sand dunes. Most of the time, it always has at least one item in it that we didn’t even order. However, Madhav assumes that we will definitely sell this one well….

But this year we are super happy! Everything that was delivered we like very much. Some of the finger puppets have become even more beautiful and creative. And many new ones have been added. Olivia the pig, Karl the rat and Fridolin the dachshund as well as Frieda the cow and Hanna the bee are new additions to our range.

Here is a selection of the new items – Which do you like best?

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