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Mail from Nepal 2017

Mail from Nepal 2017

Finally the time has come, the new school in Dimil will be opened! What a moving and important moment for the children and families from all over the valley! Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the opening ceremony, but my parents will be traveling to Nepal especially for this purpose. It is a very emotional moment, when the red ribbon for the classrooms is cut through. School children and the women of the village perform traditional dances, speeches are given. It is a very festive act and it is celebrated exuberantly.

On time for the opening we buy all the textbooks and bring them to the very remote Dimil. The teachers are beside themselves with joy and the parents of the school children very grateful! Normally, the parents would have to pay, but cannot afford to do so. The first official Therefore, holding textbooks in their hands is something the people there very special. Above all, it is also nice that each child has its own Copies gets. We are also setting up a small library. Some Games we bought in Switzerland, namely Memory and Skill games. Games of this type are in rural areas Nepal’s still completely unknown. We are curious whether the teachers will play the games understand Otherwise, I’m looking forward to explaining them.

Soon I am finally flying to Kathmandu again. At a two-week trekking and almost a week in Kathmandu, we have enough time to design the new ideas for scarves for the new season and to develop in the manufactories. I am already looking forward to when the doors opened in the airplane and the familiar warm scent of Nepal comes to meet!

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