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Nepal, the beauty can not be described, you have to experience it!

Nepal, the beauty can not be described, you have to experience it!

Read here a blog which I was allowed to write for Aktivferien AG:

How do you describe a country you have traveled to so many times to someone who has never been there? The fact that Nepal is one of my favorite destinations does not need a long explanation. But what makes me rave about this little Himalayan state? Since I first traveled to the Everest area with my mother in 2013, this culture, this landscape has fascinated me so much that I have returned over 10 times since then. Now I am traveling to Nepal for the first time with my partner. I told him “everything” about the country, and now we are on the plane. In the middle of the night we land in Kathmandu. Nima picks us up at the airport and takes us directly to the hotel. At two in the night, even this otherwise never sleeping city is quiet. Single small fires we see, these keep something warm in the cold nights. And then the next day it finally starts, I get to show one of my favorite cities. We stroll through Thamel, joyfully greeted by a rickshaw driver. He was the one my mother and I tipped nicely back in the day, when we still had some trouble calculating in rupees. Since then he knows us and asks every time if he can drive us somewhere again. Gladly, we get in and drive off in the direction of Durbar Square. From there we go up to the monkey temple. The view on this clear winter day is fantastic! We can see as far as the snowy mountains!

And that’s where we want to go the next day, to the famous airport in Lukla. Unfortunately, the weather is not so good and so we first wait comfortably in Kathmandu. Suddenly a weather window opens up, now it must go fast. After the 20-minute spectacular flight along the Himalayas, we land in the middle of the great snow mountains. Again short hectic unloading and then we are finally on the road in the Sherpa area. The first yaks cross our path, with their bells they remind us of the Swiss Alps. The season has not yet begun, a little early in the year we are on the road. We are always welcomed at Yeti Mountain Homes as the first guests of the year. Beautiful these lodges, the small storage stove in the lounge is worth its weight in gold. The bed heaters at night do their further to the comfort. And we enjoy them too! During the night it gets bitterly cold in winter, and in the morning the window panes are covered with a small layer of ice. In snow flurries we explore Namche Bazar, what a surreal, romantic atmosphere!

The next day starts bright blue, perfect weather! Today we want to go up to Everest View Point. And then suddenly we see him before our eyes. The highest mountain in the world! Always beautiful for me, a lifelong dream come true for Andreas. To face the highest mountain in the world!

We are again with Passang Sherpa on the road. With him I was already two years ago in the Everest area and experienced a funny episode regarding his birthday. His passport actually says 31. February as the date… Now today is March 3, I speak to Passang about it if we celebrate birthday today. He just looks at me with big eyes, today is but not Friday, since his name is Passang he is on this day of the week. born Now the confusion is perfect…!

On the descent come we pass a small hamlet. An elderly Shepra woman looks out of her House. She is from Dimil, Passang introduces us. To her he explains that we are from Active vacations and for school construction in their home village responsible. This gratitude which radiates from her is beautiful. Our hands she almost does not want to let go and immediately invites us to a Tea in. This consists of roasted sugar boiled with milk and water. A delicacy for the Sherpas and a great honor to taste one of these to be allowed!

In Monjo we also meet Ang Babu, principal from Dimil. Together with some porters, he is on his way towards Namche Bazar. Their children are also with us at school. It is poignant and always beautiful to see what we can do with We want to make a difference in the world through our social commitments.

Next our journey goes via Kathmandu to the Chitwan National Park. On the back of the elephant we ride into the sunrise. A few meters ahead a tank rhinoceros enjoys its breakfast. What luck! Back photos of the elephant, however, is much more difficult to shoot. In the afternoon we are on the road with the off-road vehicle. You could actually take good photos there. With the two sloth bears, however, even this is impossible. Shy like them they prefer to disappear into the tall grass again. So for once we leave rest our camera and enjoy the fantastic atmosphere!

Back in Kathmandu we philosophize about what makes Nepal so makes special. Is it the scents, the sounds of Ohm mane padme hum, the People? Probably a mixture of everything, but above all the infinite Hospitality we feel from the Sherpas. Also the beautiful majestic snow giants and the lonely hikes, where you can so his can indulge in thoughts. The fantastic wildlife. And above all, a country, which is completely different from what we imagine in Switzerland. can. A land that may be discovered. Is not that always the desire during the vacations? To switch off and immerse yourself in a completely new world?

I always succeed best on animal safari in Tanzania or just while hiking in the Himalayas. I would give every beach in the world for that.

Thank you to all the people we met in Nepal. Once again I was allowed See Nepal from its most beautiful side and share the passion for a country at pass on to my partner.

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