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What is a 100% pashmina scarf?

What is a 100% pashmina scarf?

What is a 100% pashmina scarf? What kind of material is a pashmina scarf made of? The terms pashmina and cashmere are often equated in colloquial language and often cause confusion. Because “pashmina” is actually not a material or quality designation, but originally simply meant “shawl”. Here is a brief explanation of this.

What is pashmina?

You’ve probably come across the term “pashmina” shawl before. Or even about the designation 100% “pashmina”. The term is often associated with cashmere. But, what material does “pashmina” actually give its name to and does it actually have anything to do with cashmere?

“Pashmina” is a term in Asian and Arabic and means nothing else than scarf. However, the name has no influence on the material. Of course, there are “pashmina” scarves made of cashmere. However, they are often made of cheap acrylic, which feels very fine and cuddly at first touch, but becomes relatively hard after several washes at the latest. So, should you be offered a 100% “pashmina” shawl at a bazaar during the vacations again, you now know that it is a hundred percent shawl, but it is not a quality designation.

At Carina Cashmere we sell only scarves made of cashmere, the high-quality natural product made from the finest hair of the cashmere goat. So our pashmina scarf is actually 100% cashmere.

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