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Mail from Nepal Spring 2019

Mail from Nepal Spring 2019

The Christmas markets have long been history that Langer more or less tidy, the new plans and resolutions made in mind. Once again I get to go to Nepal travel. This time my partner Andreas accompanies me on the trip. Him I could infect with the cashmere virus. No other scarf he leaves on his neck. For a long time he has been one of the most important figures at Carina Cashmere. All the logistics for the markets, but especially all the technical installations like the homepage are from him(www.hofmarketing.ch) Now it is time to share the fascination for the country of Nepal. So we are on the plane, which will take us to flies to Kathmandu in a few hours. We will spend part of the trip on Active vacations AG be on the road and may hike the most beautiful trekking route. Along the way, we will hold meetings with Dimil’s school principals and of course, visit our manufactories and producers.

Our cashmere Manufacture once again demonstrated innovation and perfection and presented us a new scarf. The finest thread was twisted several times and made into a loosely woven piece of art worked! I am speechless, a dream! This Scarf usually make them only in the natural colors. But they know me and it is not long before a cloth in pink behind the counter emerges… I have succumbed to seduction! After trying on I pull him for the next two weeks almost no longer from my neck. Yes, I am I am aware, cashmere must be left to rest for 24 hours after each wearing, but I am powerless!

The three natural colors we have included in our range of products. If you also have a quite special favorite color you are welcome to contact us. We will be happy to weave you the perfect scarf, exactly according to your wishes!

A visit to the Felt manufacture exceeds all expectations! Andreas is deeply impressed. Comfortably some women sit on the floor on their traditional carpets. It soft music plays. Each is engrossed in her work, but room for a Chatter remains nonetheless. Especially when they see us with our cameras. The Joy and curiosity is great on both sides. The little children who have their mothers are allowed to accompany are a little shy, but then still want our touch white skin. We observe and marvel with what perfection and Devotion works of art are created! In the office next door we discuss with Madhav and Rajo the new products and ideas. What these two gentlemen for a creative Having a head is huge. Together with Madhav’s sister they design all felt items yourself. Each time they increase again, everything becomes more perfect, the designs even better and more elaborate. There may well times happen that Madhav loses the overview. From our hint a Assistants would be good for him but he still does not want to know anything. He would have once had one, but he would not have served customers tea with SUGAR. And he wants perfection in every area! Yes, that’s how they are the Nepalis, good-hearted People, with a work ethic that is second to none and a dash of chaos, but that’s why we like them so much!

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